Feb. 9th, 2009

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The fires down here are still out of control, despite small amounts of rain. Latest death toll is 108, and that's not counting he many bodies that will presumably surface when the firefighting stops. Many of the fires, it's said, were lit by arsonists. Two towns are entirely gone, at least one a beautiful old country town that now has only one building standing. One friend's mother has lost her house, car and business in that town. Our doula's housemate's family is in hospital and her father is missing, presumed dead.

Still, there are some amazing stories: a family whose daughter lives in Paris is emailed by a friend that her parents are safe. She emails the news out to others, including information that neighbours are with them. Another friend in Holland gets that email and happens to be listening to ABC radio streaming online. The ABC broadcasts a call for info that Charlie and Betty from Buxton are safe. Dutch friend emails Parisian daughter who phones the ABC and assures them that Charlie and Betty are with her parents... The world is smaller every day. MP3 of the call.

I'm thinking of gathering up my maternity clothes I no longer need and donating them to people who've lost everything. And some of the excess baby stuff we've received through freecycle and don't need.

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A number of people have said that, like me, they'd appreciate a way to donate goods rather than just money.

Here's one option, via Freecycle:

In conjunction with the local school and scouts, we are gathering together donations, which we will drop off on Thursday night to the relief centre, where items will be distributed to residents of Kinglake, who are left with nothing, due to the fires. Apparently, there is an urgent need for toiletries especially, toothbrushes/toothpaste and also underwear, as the centre is getting non perisable foods and some clothing but there is a shortage of these nessessities. Please only donate usable items for these families.

Due to the response, we may get from free cycle, we are asking that if it is possible, people could drop these items to our home in Watsonia. They must be received by Thursday afternoon, as we will be delevering these items on Thursday night, for immediate distribution. Email me if you can assist and i will supply address.

Even a small material donation will help. Let's all do our bit to help. Thanks. Liz. (lib28e@yahoo.com.au)


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