Mar. 24th, 2009

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Harper aged 8 weeksMy favourite new photo of Harper... She's 8 weeks old today (time flies, huh?) and she's smiling like it's the best trick ever (I'm inclined to agree). I'm yet to get a photo of this as I'm too busy making faces back at her when she does it. At some point, I'll get Doug to take a photo of it while Harper and I are grinning at each other like loons.

The rattle she's holding is the corn-based plastic one from [ profile] galagushka . The brightly coloured mat is a polyester thing secondhand from [ profile] turtlesnake , but it's an A Bug's Life character, so that's okay, right? *snork* Still trying to make up our minds about merchandising and kids... So far, she has this mat, a couple of Winnie the Pooh things and a Peter Rabbit outfit. We're both very opposed to clothing as advertising and merchandising in general but there are some things *we* think are cute and hell, I've owned and worn various media-branded items in my time (my old and well loved Star Trek: the Future of Healthcare T-shirt, for example).

Anyway, *her* shirt in this photo is awesome: it has the "round and round the garden goes the teddy bear" rhyme on it and then after "tickle you under there" it has "and there" written in various spots like the belly and with an arrow pointing under the arms.

I have many other new photos and will post them as soon as I get a chance to process them...

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I have so many photos I haven't posted that I'm going to do them in a series of posts...

First, Doug made Harper a second sling using some old tartan he had and then made her a little bonnet to go with it. Too adorable.

Harper in a tartan sling

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Mar. 24th, 2009 09:34 pm
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The best place in the world to sleep is Daddy's chest...

Harper asleep

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Needless to say, Doug took this one.

Harper on the boob

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And finally, a few pictures from the naming ceremony on Friday, first one by me, the rest taken by [ profile] persephone20 (turns out there was enough detail to zoom in on for web purposes after all! Thank you for taking these at short notice!).

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