Aug. 5th, 2009

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Living with a baby means doing everything else in snatches. You grab snatches of intimacy with your partner — shoulder touches and brief kisses in hallways as you pass, one on the way to a nappy change, the other to sort out the growing pile of dishes. You grab snatches of social life, furtive Facebook checking from a mobile phone while lying in the dark feeding the baby, coffee with an interstate or international visitor juggled in with tummy time. You struggle with snatches of work: blog updates, designing people's web sites in tiny increments, problem solving in segmented blocks. And then there's the somnolent necessities: snatches of bill payment and tax calculating and grocery shopping.

So, if you want to know what I've been up to, you can read our sleep woes over at [ profile] attachedparents , my post on clothes at Modern Mama and you can see Harper photos on Facebook. You can see my experiments with a new logo for Heliotrope over there, and I've been working on a client site and answering new client enquiries, but there's nothing to show yet, and I've been applying for jobs and finally got a three-month contract with the City of Melbourne working on their corporate site. All of this means I have not written down any of the poetry in my head, and this post has been about two weeks in the making. Ah well.

Snatches of love. Snatches of a life.


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