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Not a lot of time to sit and write and yet tons of time sitting.

I feel like we are getting on top of this crazy journey... although change is a constant, so it's more that I am learning to flow with the changes.

The money from the video competition prize came through and I hope to go shopping for a new camera soon. I got a call from the people who run Moving Melbourne, where they make posters of art and poetry for trains, saying that "Rapunzel Goes Exploring" has been selected for this season's posters. I am thinking about what work I might do and how much work I want to do soon. I am exploring social networks and playing Lexulous on Facebook. I am thinking about communities and parenting and what it means. I am thinking about what other blogs I could write. I am singing "Que Sera, Sera" and Don McLean's "Babylon" to Harper (I like how the minor notes sound).

I am folding washing and washing dishes and cooking meals, sometimes while a little girl sleeps and sometimes while she is watching me from a bouncinette. I am watching The Wire and Rome and Dollhouse and Grey's Anatomy and loving all of it. I have been tidying our room and I am giving away things on Freecycle slowly, piece by piece.

My good friend Matt has been staying here with his new girlfriend. It's been wonderful to see him and have intense chats about altruism and feminism and parenting. We had dinner with [ profile] derigueur and [ profile] emilyjane on Friday night and it was a wonderful night of wine and laughter and food and dicussion and Scrabble.

Life is good.

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