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Yesterday was a glimpse of another life. I'm not sure whether it's because Doug is not the cultural dilettante that I am or whether we have been hibernating for the winter, but while Mum and my Aunty Joan were in town, I took the day off work and Had Adventures. In the morning, we went to listen to p_cat's partner, Kent MacCarter, read from his superb new book of poems, In the Hungry Middle of Here, at the Melbourne Writers Festival. There are phrases in those poems that are cool water sluicing down my spine. I read the book on the train to work today and had to stop from exclaiming aloud, reading a couple two and three times to savour nuances, and -- greatest tribute -- felt the stirrings of phrasing for myself. Haven't had time to note it (need an iPhone or a notebook!) -- my sentence this morning was "Swanston Street is thronged with 8am schoolchildren scoffing greasy breakfasts".

Then, because it too was free, we went downstairs to the Len Lye exhibition at ACMI. I had never heard of Lye but knew it would be good, and it didn't disappoint -- persistence of vision sculptures and ochre-toned paintings, meditative and delightful.

Then lunch at Movida, that superb haven. Braised rabbit in honey and almonds, portobello mushrooms in sherry vinegar, garlic and prawn tortilla.

In the afternoon, we went to Fairground Child and bought a birthday present for my niece and then I left the others to return home while I went and networked at the Australian Centre for Human Rights Education, ending up in a spirited discussion about ethnicity and sexuality, group rights and individual rights, with the director of the Centre and the Victorian branch manager for Amnesty.

Most of this was with Harper in her little Ergo carrier, snug on my front. There is so much that is free in Melbourne, so much to learn and experience. We are so blessed. I'm looking forward to taking Harper to things like the Moomba Carnival too.

Of course, it's only now that Harper is this age that I feel confident going out for a whole day like that, and now I'm back at work, which either means we do this on weekends or I choose 9-day fortnights.

In other news, Harper is cutting her first tooth! And has just woken up, so I'll be off. Y'all tell me about your adventures y'hear?

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