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I recently posted about moving to Dreamhost for my longer blogging. At the same time, I have to be honest and say that a lot of my current "community" interaction occurs on Facebook and Twitter, if only because that's the easiest to update when you're a parent reading microblogs on an iPhone while you breastfeed a toddler in the dark. Go figure.

I'm very aware that I haven't been updating any of my blogs (Gluten Savvy, Modern Mama, Rosanne's Lounge, this journal) in part due to time, in part due to mechanism (the iPhone text input is unwieldy for long form; the iPad blogging tools I've found so far are counter-intuitive and difficult). There's another issue: I've been loading my video onto vimeo and my photos onto Facebook, rather than into my own space where I'd ideally like them. Why? Again, it's interface. Vimeo embeds with a click. My own video doesn't. The Facebook Exporter for iPhoto automatically resizing my images and gives me a tagging mechanism, instead of requiring me to export all those images to the correct size, then upload and place, then tag.

And then there's connection. My own blogs have lagged to some extent where Facebook and Dreamhost have succeeded because of interaction and commentary. There is a community here, a following, an audience that has, if not expectations of me, then at least appreciation. I am very challenged by the privacy implications of most of these services and always have been. Even when I was just on LJ, I hosted the images myself and embedded them from my own server. 

I also like the degree of control Dreamhost/LJ and Facebook give me in terms of reader access. WordPress blogs (which is the platform for my other blogs) have privacy plugins which I use to password protect some posts, but I haven't really had the opportunity to experiment with setting read privileges by group because I don't have the audience — and because while people are automatically members of Dreamhost/LJ/Facebook/Twitter, they are less likely to subscribe to a standalone journal in order to read protected entries unless they are very close friends with a high motivation or your content is extremely desirable — as all the large media organisations have discovered. And I still want to protect at least some of my content, due to stalkers, my daughter's privacy, or boring stuff like bitching about my life to which only my nearest and dearest should be subjected. 

I'm really waiting for Diaspora, to be honest, but it's not here yet.

So, having said all that... you can read how the trip went elsewhere; the photos are on Facebook; the videos are on Vimeo; and I'm working on writing up the restaurant reviews for Gluten Savvy and the Modern Mama post about Harper's hearing...

The question I have for you all is this: what is your current blogging/microblogging balance and what are your key concerns about it? 

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Date: 2010-11-13 06:31 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mrsbrown
Do you mean Dreamwidth or Dreamhost in your first para?

I use LJ/Dreamwidth when I want to write a bigger concept than will fit on FB, particularly if I want to include several links. I often lock stuff, mainly to keep it hidden from my mother, or because it's about work or my older children. I've been pretty open about Rose, but I'm starting to feel like I should be a bit more careful.

I've been thinking stuff lately that I wouldn't mind blogging and getting feedback from very close friends, but I worry that it's not really secure enough. I've basically decided that I should really talk to other human beings about that stuff.

FB when I want to tell people a single phrase or small anecdote. I'm more careful there and mostly only post stuff I'm happy to have attributed to me and published on the front page of the newspaper.

I use my Wordpress blog when I want to write about something within the theme of that blog, with a larger audience and opportunities for people to find it via google. That one is not yet obviously connected to me, but it wouldn't be too hard to work it out. OTOH, I'd be happy for an employer to know about it.

I also have thoughts about a WP blog using my real name and covering the stuff I do for work - as personal marketing.

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Date: 2010-11-13 11:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have several blogging outlets too; Twitter for quick day to day stuff, Facebook for mostly promoting my business or lifestyle, LJ for more personal stuff (invariably locked posts) and for vintage-related blogging I use my Wordpress blog, Circa.

The last one is starting to do fairly well: I have around 2,000 subscribers over various formats and use FB and Twitter and sometimes LJ to promote it. It gets about 16,000 hits a month. It's business related of course, but starting to get a bit more personal as I get bolder - and as a result I'm getting some very positive feedback, especially from women over 40 who seem to see me as a bit of a role model. The idea of inspiring people is very powerful, and as a result of putting my photo up there I get recognised fairly often, including last month at Sydney airport and again in Brisbane. That can be very cool, as people are almost achingly respectful. It's weird, but weird in a good way.

My feeling is that you have to post often, it's helpful if you comment on other blogs and link back - not that I'm telling you anything you don't already know of course.

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Date: 2010-11-13 01:14 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] thorfinn

Balance? There is no balance - I use them all for quite different purposes, so it just depends on how much I'm engaging with that particular purpose at the particular time. Twitter I view as just asynchronous IRC - so it's noisy chatter, and I drop in and out as I feel like it. Facebook is more for keeping up with generating and consuming "acquaintance gossip", as well as for the occasional pub-style-discussion. Dreamwidth I use as my "proper blog", so it's where I put content with real details about whatever topic I happen to be on about. I don't auto crosspost anything anywhere (except DW->LJ), but I do frequently link the same thing in different contexts, or link to DW posts from FB/twitter etc.

In addition to the above I'm also an extensive RSS feed user (currently NetNewsWire on the mac as an interface to Google Reader), so I get a lot of random stuff that I link to on twitter and/or facebook as appropriate. Some of that stuff spurs a "proper" blog post, and I do that here on Dreamwidth. I actually have RSS feeds of twitter and facebook and my dw reading page in Apple Mail also.

As far as why I do my blogging here on DW instead of running my own? For me it's about the engineering quality of the software. Dreamwidth's software team's process is one of the very very few open source programming teams that I have any confidence in, and they're the only team in the blogging space. All of the other open source blogging software has had far too many security issues and just plain bad implementation stories for my liking. I'd rather write my own minimalist blogging software than use most of the other available alternatives.

In addition to that, I don't actually have a reason to have a single topic-focused public blog, which is really the strong use case for running your own blog rather than using a "community" platform blog like Dreamwidth.

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Date: 2010-11-14 08:13 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] darren_stranger

I have no idea what microblogging is, and it would be most accurate to describe the platforms i use as 'socia media' as that's what i use them for, so i don't know if any of this will be relevant to your question.

I use facebook to keep in touch with people, but find it hard to have any serious conversations there due to the high signal to noise ratio. The only actual posts i've made there have been about human or animal rights issues that i wanted to put in front of a larger audience than my usual homogenised social circles on LJ/DW. The latter platforms i sometimes use for actual journal/diary type entries, though less so since i realised i spend a lot of time writing LJ posts in my head about things as they're happening, instead of experience the moment at the time. Otherwise, i use it for social contact and discussions, though as the traffic declines more and more there's less and less to talk about.

As for concerns, well, i try to practise the principle of not saying things i wouldn't want anyone or everyone to hear or read in life in general, so the openness of Facebook is good for keeping that in mind. Mainly i just try to minimise the amount of personal security information i broadcast out there, like combinations of real name, date of birth and home address, or clicking things that will broadcast information like 'Real Name is attending This Event on This Date so come rob my house' etc. I'm sure that's stuff many people with a brain and reasonable 'net skills could piece together anyway, but why make it easy for those with less? Otherwsie i'm generally pretty open and don't have any Secret Squirrel stuff to keep out of sight.


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