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Jack & I went to Pure Baby's factory outlet yesterday and I bought two organic muslin swaddles. They're gorgeous. They're also ridiculously cheap, as are all the other clothes there, despite being organic cotton. Why? They're made in China.

The web site says that as of the winter 09 range, they'll be using factories that have "social codes" which is terrific as I don't want to choose between organic and labour conditions. It does make me curious about how others make these decisions...

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Harper aged 8 weeksMy favourite new photo of Harper... She's 8 weeks old today (time flies, huh?) and she's smiling like it's the best trick ever (I'm inclined to agree). I'm yet to get a photo of this as I'm too busy making faces back at her when she does it. At some point, I'll get Doug to take a photo of it while Harper and I are grinning at each other like loons.

The rattle she's holding is the corn-based plastic one from [ profile] galagushka . The brightly coloured mat is a polyester thing secondhand from [ profile] turtlesnake , but it's an A Bug's Life character, so that's okay, right? *snork* Still trying to make up our minds about merchandising and kids... So far, she has this mat, a couple of Winnie the Pooh things and a Peter Rabbit outfit. We're both very opposed to clothing as advertising and merchandising in general but there are some things *we* think are cute and hell, I've owned and worn various media-branded items in my time (my old and well loved Star Trek: the Future of Healthcare T-shirt, for example).

Anyway, *her* shirt in this photo is awesome: it has the "round and round the garden goes the teddy bear" rhyme on it and then after "tickle you under there" it has "and there" written in various spots like the belly and with an arrow pointing under the arms.

I have many other new photos and will post them as soon as I get a chance to process them...


Mar. 23rd, 2009 09:40 am
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I'm finding one of my great joys is singing Harper to sleep. The old things seem odd to me (why on earth would you sing to a child about a cradle falling out of a tree??) so I'm singing Tiddas' "Inanay" (I would love a copy of this; can't find it for download) and "Leave Nobody But the Baby" from O Brother Where Art Thou?

Then [ profile] cavalorn  posted this Fred Small song (man, I love Fred Small!). Exactly the sort of sentiments I'd want to sing to her. Now I have a new song to learn!

The lyrics )

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jez protector

"If you come near my family, I will zap you with these lasers, m'kay?"

sleep is for the weak

"Thank you for the cool outfit, [ profile] the_kimba !"

pink grrl

"See? I'm not allergic to pink, just pastels!" (in real life, this swaddle actually looks even more like Barbie-is-a-bitch hot pink that [ profile] abiuro  would be proud of).

More photos over at the [ profile] littlest_cloud 's journal..


Feb. 5th, 2009 09:11 am
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The BBC says new research shows summer babies are often taller and stronger than babies born at other times of the year. Well, Harper certainly follows that trend. And I was also born in summer, am tall and never broke a bone until that silly woman turned right into my scooter...
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The doctors let us go home today, which is awesome, because it's only Day 4 and they originally said they were keeping me until Day 7. Harper and I are so happy to be at home with Doug instead of in a hospital room with no Internet access! All updates of the last few days have been via our dedicated scribes... Thank you, scribes!

Doug, Jack and I just indulged ourselves in the sparkling shiraz, smoked salmon, leg ham, camembert and cranberry sauce we had planned for the post-birth meal and now Harper has had a big feed and is zonked out in her little bouncinet and I have a moment spare to type this.

I will of course be posting photos of our darling girl and probably lots and lots of updates. Doug is a lot more private than me and a lot of this won't be public posts. Hell, there are things I wrote on the "maybe baby" filter that *I* wouldn't have wanted as public posts. We won't be adding just anyone. If you're already on the "maybe baby" filter, you'll probably be added automatically. If you want off, please let me know (if you haven't been seeing weekly pregnancy updates, you're not on it, no need to tell me you don't want to be). If you're not on it and you want on, talk to me privately. (If you don't have an LJ, you'll need one to get onto the filter I'm planning.)

And now *drumroll*, first pics. )

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[ profile] mordwen  and [ profile] journey2master  are delighted to announce the arrival of the [ profile] littlest_cloud , Harper Aveline Cloud, born at 12:36 am on January 27th, 2009. Parents and baby are doing well. Mum and baby will be recuperating at the Mercy hospital for the next week. Feel free to visit during regular visiting hours. Besotted mum thinks daughter is gorgeous and incredibly smart as she has already figured out how to breast feed like a trooper. Images of the happy mum and daughter will be posted ad nauseam at one of the three journals above.


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