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If [ profile] daisynerd is right about coworkers making a job enjoyable, this City of Melbourne contract just got easier. Over the partition from me is [personal profile] narrelle (yes, we've already friended each other, which should tell you something about how quickly we got to geeking). She's the author of a vampire novel, is a guest at Continuum this weekend and is as bemused about the shocking writing on Torchwood (while enjoying the Jack/Ianto and Jack/Spike kissing as much as I do).

Whether we get any work done remains to be seen.

Oh wow!

Nov. 13th, 2008 04:29 pm
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I've seen a couple of people linking to How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer (currently available as streaming media from the ABC) but I didn't put two and two together: this is a project by my incredibly fabulous friend cinematographer, Max Bourke.

Now I *have* to watch it.

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I was going to write this the morning after the show so that people would have a chance to see the remaining three nights, but in the end, the artist asked for approval and well... I got lazy.

[profile] hermia8 performed a solo show as part of her VCA animateuring course in Studio 45 at the VCA. The audience was shepherded in and took cramped seats in a mostly darkened space. On a ledge above the stage, Anna leaned against a railing. She wore a black coat and she was still and sad-seeming. The lights dimmed, music started, lights came back up again and Anna spoke: I plan to run away with you.

The show was an intense emotional journey of a woman's interaction with her world. Vignettes of her life were narrated in the third person as voice-over. Each of these vignettes seemed to be an example of a rashness of action that only later resulted in embarrassment or regret. There was a constant sense that the woman couldn't trust herself, that her actions always had unintended consequences.

At the end, she climbed back up to her ledge and declared that she wouldn't run away with "you" after all, because "you are too expensive". That line didn't make a lot of sense within my other interpretations of the theme, but then, I still haven't worked out who "you" is.

The most amazing piece of craft was a moment when she stood toward the front of the stage, and I could almost feel the heat of the day, the sun on her face, the love and joy in her life as she smiled and touched a hand to her cheek. Then, without warning, everything changed. Terror. Shock. She steps back, away from the edge, into the dark. Fear. Nothing is safe, it can't be trusted.

The most confronting was watching what I interpret to be the (internally generated and unexplained) electric shocks that I know Anna went through during a period a little while ago. I have no idea what someone else watching would make of it, but I felt it to be intensely personal, uncomfortable to watch, the final betrayal of her own body.

I'm not sure the space was ideal. As the seats were all on a level with the stage, most people didn't see any of the action when the actor was seated on the floor. Many of us stood at that point, craning over the heads of those in front of us.

As a whole, the piece worked but felt a little disjointed at times. It was definitely powerful and I certainly look forward to more of this artist's work! (Not just because she's my friend and I think she rocks!)

Go Max!!

Apr. 3rd, 2007 12:01 am
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From my fabulously talented friend, [ profile] xammy:

Just letting you know that My Home, Your War will be screening on SBS this Tuesday (April 3) at 8:30pm (Cutting Edge slot).

Kylie Grey and I filmed this project in Badhdad just after the US invasion, and we witnessed the collapse of social order and security and the erosion of the very freedoms that the coalition were supposedly fighting for. Being there at such a time was a unique experience, and I'm really happy to see this film finally go to air.

The team Home, Your War includes director and co-producer Kylie Grey, producer Marcus Gillezeau (Firelight Productions), executive producer Chantal Denoux (Denoux Film Productions), editor Matt Walker, composer Barton Staggs, and many others. Max Bourke from Pigfish was DOP and associate producer.

The film recently won the Gold World Medal for Best Documentary in the Film & Video category in New York Films Festivals (Kylie and Chantal are pictured with the award below) so we're all really proud, and invite you to tune tomorrow and check it out.

08:30 pm CUTTING EDGE - MY HOME YOUR WAR - Shot in Baghdad over three years
My Home, Your War takes you inside the home of an Iraqi family as they deal with the disruptions and terrors of war as it affects their daily lives. Layla is a middle class Iraqi woman, striking and intelligent -- but the war is testing her most intimate relationships. Meet her shy teenage son who she suspects is working with the anti-US resistance; her steady but workaholic husband: and her once radical sister who is becoming increasingly conservative and religious as the chaos of Baghdad fuels her insecurities. Layla and her family give a revealing insight into the contrasting ways war and regime change strain close relationships, nurture extremism and change a family's destiny. (From Australia, in English and Arabic with English subtitles)


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