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Yesterday morning we went out for New Year's Day brunch and the fancy café brought us the most stylish high chair I've ever seen. I've added it to Harper's wishlist for her birthday (hint, hint). Have a look: HandySitt chair. Maybe this can be your replacement chair, Beth?
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There are many things I want to be writing about (the disgusting pro-rape culture at one of Sydney University's colleges, how Twitter and journalism intersect — specifically, the Trafigura case and the shootings at Fort Hood) but I don't have time. You go read. In the meantime, I bring you our adorable daughter, standing (bracing herself against my calves) and bashing blocks together.

If you don't already know the password for these videos, comment with your email address and I'll send it to you if you're not a crazy stalker.

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People keep asking me how I am and I keep answering that I'm tired. It's true, but for some reason, I never get around to saying the rest of what's going on, which is that I am growing as a person in ways I never imagined but had an inkling might be possible or that I sensed on the horizon the way you can smell the aroma of a fantastic restaurant around the corner that you've never been to — you've no idea what it will look like, or who will be there, or whether you'll like it, but you know the food smells like something you'd like in your life.

Yesterday, we went to our storage unit and selected a large quantity of items we'll be selling at the Northcote high school car boot sale next Sunday (9am till 3pm, come along and say "I admit I'm a geek" to us and we'll give you a special LJ-reader discount). Last Sunday, I went around the house doing the same thing. I'm a pack rat: voluntarily discarding things to make space in my life, not for the new, but simply to have room, to have space, is unheard of. I'm even getting rid of the black octagonal crockery set I've had since my 21st birthday (and I have tons of the stuff -- it was an eight-piece set with matching wine glasses, cheese platter, salad bowls, the lot). It is too hard to keep clean and shatters into tiny shards that are too dangerous for a baby. In its place for now is a simple 16-piece set of hand-painted bright rainbow crockery, sturdy and fun.

I'm learning... )
I'm learning to treasure the moments of silence with our arms around each other, becoming a family.

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Living with a baby means doing everything else in snatches. You grab snatches of intimacy with your partner — shoulder touches and brief kisses in hallways as you pass, one on the way to a nappy change, the other to sort out the growing pile of dishes. You grab snatches of social life, furtive Facebook checking from a mobile phone while lying in the dark feeding the baby, coffee with an interstate or international visitor juggled in with tummy time. You struggle with snatches of work: blog updates, designing people's web sites in tiny increments, problem solving in segmented blocks. And then there's the somnolent necessities: snatches of bill payment and tax calculating and grocery shopping.

So, if you want to know what I've been up to, you can read our sleep woes over at [ profile] attachedparents , my post on clothes at Modern Mama and you can see Harper photos on Facebook. You can see my experiments with a new logo for Heliotrope over there, and I've been working on a client site and answering new client enquiries, but there's nothing to show yet, and I've been applying for jobs and finally got a three-month contract with the City of Melbourne working on their corporate site. All of this means I have not written down any of the poetry in my head, and this post has been about two weeks in the making. Ah well.

Snatches of love. Snatches of a life.
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It's official...

Please spread the word. The message is important!


Apr. 15th, 2009 08:30 pm
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It's not often I 'advertise' for someone but two separate people have given Harper toys I'm completely thrilled about (Lizzie the aqua lizard, gifted by Jo Sumner and Ellie the Elephant gifted by [ profile] anthonybaxter ) and they both turn out, completely coincidentally, to be from Barbara Sansoni's Barefoot project. So they're not just fair trade, they're helping women be independent, plus they're hank-dyed cotton and filled with kapok. I have no idea where these were actually purchased, but I just wanted to promote them.
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You know how I keep saying we pretty much have everything we need now? I lied. Particularly the ABC flashcards and the baby book. A place to record our infant's experiments with gravity! So cute!
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I may have mentioned to some of you that there was a video competition to promote the campaign for an Australian Human Rights Charter.

Doug very kindly took care of Harper for a few hours so I could make this. I would have liked to do more, but there's only so much you can do with a time limit of two minutes and no spare time in which to make the thing.

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And finally, a few pictures from the naming ceremony on Friday, first one by me, the rest taken by [ profile] persephone20 (turns out there was enough detail to zoom in on for web purposes after all! Thank you for taking these at short notice!).

Four pics )
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Needless to say, Doug took this one.

Harper on the boob

+ one more pic )


Mar. 24th, 2009 09:34 pm
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The best place in the world to sleep is Daddy's chest...

Harper asleep

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I have so many photos I haven't posted that I'm going to do them in a series of posts...

First, Doug made Harper a second sling using some old tartan he had and then made her a little bonnet to go with it. Too adorable.

Harper in a tartan sling

+ two more pics )

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Harper aged 8 weeksMy favourite new photo of Harper... She's 8 weeks old today (time flies, huh?) and she's smiling like it's the best trick ever (I'm inclined to agree). I'm yet to get a photo of this as I'm too busy making faces back at her when she does it. At some point, I'll get Doug to take a photo of it while Harper and I are grinning at each other like loons.

The rattle she's holding is the corn-based plastic one from [ profile] galagushka . The brightly coloured mat is a polyester thing secondhand from [ profile] turtlesnake , but it's an A Bug's Life character, so that's okay, right? *snork* Still trying to make up our minds about merchandising and kids... So far, she has this mat, a couple of Winnie the Pooh things and a Peter Rabbit outfit. We're both very opposed to clothing as advertising and merchandising in general but there are some things *we* think are cute and hell, I've owned and worn various media-branded items in my time (my old and well loved Star Trek: the Future of Healthcare T-shirt, for example).

Anyway, *her* shirt in this photo is awesome: it has the "round and round the garden goes the teddy bear" rhyme on it and then after "tickle you under there" it has "and there" written in various spots like the belly and with an arrow pointing under the arms.

I have many other new photos and will post them as soon as I get a chance to process them...


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