Turning 40

Jan. 20th, 2011 02:13 pm
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I turn 40 in two days. Needless to say, I've been pondering my life so far. I can't say that I have no regrets (on the contrary, I have many) and I'm certainly not where I thought I would be at this point in many ways (I have no long-term job, I live in a small apartment with no outside space at all instead of on a commune somewhere, my relationship is not exactly smooth right now).

All that said, I wanted to stop and celebrate some of my achievements so far and open the space for some dreams. )

Life begins at 40, right?
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I got a phone call out of the blue today from [personal profile] deepskin, who I haven't seen for about four years. He was calling with bad news: Lisa Chivers, who was style editor on The (Melbourne) Magazine at The Age, and who I knew reasonably well when I was editor of e)mag, died suddenly of as -yet-unestablished causes on Tuesday night. They didn't work it out until Thursday after she hadn't been to work for two days. She wasn't very old -- my age, I'm guessing, maybe a few years older.

It's a shock and a reminder of mortality.
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... or at least my new favorite drink. I can *feel* the weight piling on to my hips as I drink it though.

I present:

The spiced coconut mocha freeze.

Ingredients: Dagoba organic drinking chocolate, espresso, coconut milk, cayenne, cinnamon, orange zest, ice. Pulverize in blender.

Pros: Unbelievably delicious; contains coffee; naturally lactose-free.
Cons: Not conducive to thinning.

This seems as good a time as any to fill you all in on the fun adventures recently.

Let's see: Thursday I spent half the day hanging out with [personal profile] journey2master and [personal profile] joedecker right here in the little café that could, talking about photography and life and coming out and stuff, then had scrummy Mexican down the road and I tasted my first chicken mole (interesting) then I went and volunteered at the community center I'm volunteering at, helping the teens there put together a zine. Then I hung out with them and watched an awesome movie that is doing festival circuits here: The Curiosity of Chance which you should definitely check out, [profile] crystal_storm.

Friday we had a meeting with a financial planner and now we have a bunch of socially responsible investments he's going to make for us -- it's kind of interesting, because he started out saying he didn't think we could get a diversified portfolio with just green funds and I pshawed and said "watch me" and found various funds for him and then he went looking for more and now we have a very good-looking, diversified portfolio with the right balance of big funds that exclude bad stocks and little funds that positively screen for good stocks and he's happy and we're happy.

Can't remember what we did in the afternoon... We stayed home and watched Children of Men on DVD in the evening.

Then Saturday was Lughnasadh, so we had a harvest picnic. First we went to breakfast in a nearby town and to a farmer's markets and bought fresh organic berries and breads and eggs, and then we met with friends in the park and played Scrabble and Fluxx, laughed at the geese and fed the squirrels raspberries.

And then, to complete the lazy day, we went and saw The Bourne Ultimatum. It was super. Yesterday doesn't really bear mentioning because Sunday is cleaning day.


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