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Have a look at this beautiful video. It's rare to see something so simple that reminds you about all the good things humans can be. And once again, I'm crying because I'm happy.

Check out the whole project (or watch the hi-def version). Thanks to [ profile] anthonybaxter  for the heads up.
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Just had an intense and meandering conversation with Doug that started with the US gun laws (due to the recent Supreme Court decision) and ranged to changes in styles of female violence due to feminism, rights cultures versus duty cultures, building respect in relationships, and the fact that gun-related deaths in the US have only just overtaken motor vehicle deaths per annum, which led to discussions of peak oil and finally somewhere in there to the idea that we need to teach the next generation both how to have respectful relationships all the while teaching them about self-respect so that they can talk down the previous generation so they don't get beaten to a pulp by someone running around bashing random strangers with bricks.

I treasure having conversations like this.

Which reminds me: I'd just like to flag the idea of an American-themed 2008 US Election Night Party at our place. For us, that means Wednesday November 5. Polls will probably close around lunchtime our time, but there'll still be lots of interesting stuff going on at 5pm our time, methinks. And it's the day before Doug's birthday, so it'll be a combined thing. Waaay ahead of time organising.
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Two years ago, [personal profile] journey2master  arrived on my doorstep with his suitcase.

At the time I wrote this:
Sunday was an extra special day for me. It's been a long time since I've had this kind of intense physical and spiritual connection with someone, brief as it was. [personal profile] journey2master  was here from mid-afternoon until he flew back to San Francisco this morning...

We walked down to the stone spiral and walked it, separately, for Samhain, then walked up to Westgarth and to Denn for dinner. Back home and it was one of those nights, discussions and intimacy ranging across crazy landscapes. It ended at about 5 this morning in my fabulous huge bath tub drinking scotch and eating organic orange chocolate...

What a perfect way to start the year. What a perfect way to warm my new home, first the housewarming and then this uisge beatha of a man ending the drought (and it's been a long time between drinks). I asked the universe to let love into my home and my heart and it brings me this!

There was more, but that's private. I honestly thought it was going to be a lovely one-nighter and nothing more. I even titled the post "Ships in the Night". Anyway, happy anniversary, my darling. Thank you for knocking on my door. Thank you even more for ringing me when you got home and inviting me over to your place too. I love you.
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For all the folks asking if things have changed since the ceremony:

Doug and I went kite flying this evening in Mountain View as the sun set and then went to Zucca for scotch (15-year-old Dalwhinnie, neat, him) and a cocktail they call Oh, Beautiful (Remy cognac, Grand Marnier and Earl Grey tea, hot, me), tapas (spicy garlic prawns, piquillo peppers with goat's cheese, mushroom croquettes) and then panna cotta with berries (divine, me) and Manchego, pear and walnuts (him) with a scrumptious dessert wine I can't recall the name of, and we discussed anarcho-syndicalism and interest and tulip futures in 17th century Holland and Lazarus Long, and then we went for a walk and went book shopping, in which I bought Burning Book (by Jess Bruder, previously discussed) and Healing a Fractured World (by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks).

Life's simply awful, I tell you.
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… plus c'est la même chose.

Translation: the more it changes, the more it's the same thing.

I wanted to wait until Doug had told some of his closest friends and family and me the same before posting this publicly.

Doug's daughter has made it clear she doesn't want to live with us any more, and so we are free to go. The complicated mechanisms which brought us here to take care of her have released us just as I was beginning to forge connections here. I am sad and frustrated and a whole swathe of other emotions but there is nothing I can do.

Our current plan is to go to Burning Man, give notice on the apartment, do a farewell tour of the US and then return to Australia.

Because we will be applying for partner/spouse status for Doug in Australia, we have various hoops to jump through in the next three months. We'll be having a party in the US on September 22 for Autumn Equinox and to say farewell at our apartment (phone or e-mail for details) and a handfasting/nuptials on December 22 for Summer Solstice in Melbourne, Australia (phone or e-mail for details).

Keep those dates free!

And I'm someone who doesn't like change all that much. What was the old joke about what to do if you want to see God laugh?


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