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I got a phone call out of the blue today from [personal profile] deepskin, who I haven't seen for about four years. He was calling with bad news: Lisa Chivers, who was style editor on The (Melbourne) Magazine at The Age, and who I knew reasonably well when I was editor of e)mag, died suddenly of as -yet-unestablished causes on Tuesday night. They didn't work it out until Thursday after she hadn't been to work for two days. She wasn't very old -- my age, I'm guessing, maybe a few years older.

It's a shock and a reminder of mortality.
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Thanks to a last minute thought on Friday as we passed the Moscone Center, I rang my friend Matthew [2], who just happens to be the editor of Australian Macworld, and muttered something about covering the World Wide Developers Conference for him. So, this morning, Doug and I got up at Oh God O'Clock, headed over to The Little Coffee Shop that Could, which thankfully opens at that hour, and then hit the freeway to get to SF by 8.30am. We managed to skleethe our way through accreditation (yes, this is an official term from my teenhood days of watching St Trinians' movies [1]) and get in to watch the Steve Jobs keynote.

We then sat on the floor of the Moscone Center and I frantically wrote my notes into some semblance of an article while Doug frantically went through his 100+ images to work out which ones were worth sending and then we e-mailed it all to Matthew aiming to meet his 10am Tuesday Australian time deadline.

We then headed off to a silly afternoon talking to some folks about a vacation time share (we said no, but we got the free holiday to Hawaii for two people for two days anyway. Not bad for sitting through 2 hours of pap.). I then rang Matthew to discover half the images and the text had not arrived, so we went careening back to the Moscone Center through peak hour traffic and a stupid accident to get the files sent for real.

Crazy, crazy day, but fun. I felt really chuffed to be actually in the same room as Jobs for a keynote after all these years of watching it on QuickTime streams.

[1] To be honest, the movie I watched religiously (no pun intended) was The Trouble with Angels and the catchphrase there was "I have the most scathingly brilliant idea." "Sklathe," now that I really think about it, is from the Eloise books.

[2] Edited from the original because I apparently still have stalkers. I'm amazed that these people have nothing better to do than read my journal, follow links to my friends and harass them anonymously. Thank you for the reminder, though, to keep very quiet about my actual whereabouts so you can't do anything to my family.
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If we weren't all so very tired from rushing to get issue #2 underway and get the launch of issue #1 sorted and get the website ready, we'd be jumping for joy to tell you that thousands and thousands of printed copies of 64melbourne arrived in our office today and we will be running around distributing them to cafés and bars around town. You are all invited to pick them up and loudly exclaim "Oh, awesome! 64 magazine! I've heard about this!" You are also invited to grab some from me and take them to your favourite bar that's a little out of the way.

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Ad sales rep needed

Are you an ad sales staffer and still human? Corporate world not yet eaten your soul? We need you! Two editors and a designer with buckets of integrity in the process of starting a new magazine publishing company are looking for part-time sales staff who won’t try to force us to do things that would make Satan happy. You’ll love working on our range of magazines, aimed at 18–40 year-olds into arts and culture. If this company sounds like the kind of place for you or at least, anything would be better than the corporate hell you’ve found yourself in now, call us! Immediate start, low retainer, high commission, opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a young upstart -- sorry, start-up -- that’s possibly going places, like, Paris or at least Perth. One day.

Good stuff

Jun. 24th, 2006 02:50 pm
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1. {ariel flux} is back online after many hours of craziness and a steep learning curve. It's still running the old software, but I will fiddle around with a test upgrade on a test site now rather than trying it with the live site. Best to learn before you start making money, right?

2. Having a lot of fun setting up the new Magazine Empire, including choosing hardware and back-up systems and working out networks. I've always wanted a wireless Mac office filled with funkiness and beanbags around a coffee table for meetings in an awesome warehouse and now I get to do it!

3. Thanks to the visit to Apple yesterday, I finally bought the proper connector for my laptop to talk to my TV, so I can now play DVDs from it. Since I can already connect the speakers from my stereo to it, I'm now sorted and the fact that my old Kenwood DVD player has been stuffing up will no longer be an issue.

4. Have just been loaned Noam Chomsky's Failed States by a friend. Am looking forward to diving into another serious political book. The oral histories of the Egyptian women I've been reading are fascinating but not intellectually strenuous.

Now, to play around with poetry stuff for my gig coming up on July 18 -- put it in your diaries. More details soon.


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