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While we were in Sydney, we were generously gifted with even more amazing things for Harper. The list so far of all the gifts (and stuff we've got ourselves, which is minor in comparison to the gift list) is below. The post outlining ideas for outlets and restrictions for gifts due to allergies/politics is here.

We have bought/been given/got from freecycle: )

We need (list partly for our own benefit): )

Other ideas: )

Stores to try for nifty natural stuff:

Fairground Child (fair trade store in North Carlton, Melbourne)
Nature's Child
My Heart Beats Green (carbon-neutral organic cotton, found these guys at Woodford)
Sahara Bloom (bamboo stuff, found these guys at Glebe Fair in Sydney)

Those of you who have kids: is there anything really obvious we're missing?

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... to borrow a phrase from [ profile] crystal_storm.

Today was my last day of work. As of now, I'm not gainfully employed... And I have no idea when I might want to work again. It's all a little odd.

It started out with breakfast with two work friends who I regularly see on the bus (I had mushroom and gruyère omelette, mmm).

Then I did a small amount of work, checked a fix from last night that had worked except for one teensy issue, put in a tech service call, did a bit more work (and managed to finish the last of the update requests!), got a call from a tech about midday trying to figure out what I needed and then, in 15 minutes flat, he managed to fix the issue. I asked if it was okay to send him some extra user IDs to add to the htpassword file because some people had been having problems with access; he said, sure.

I went to lunch. The work end-of-year lunch. At Masani, on Drummond St. Let's just say it was five courses (appetiser, antipasto, primi, secundi, dolce) and divine. I'm not sure whether the asparagus with truffles was the highlight, or the roasted duckling in cherry sauce or the turkish delight sorbet with summer berries. The antipasto was pretty amazing too: roasted baby pigeon and crab and palm hearts. I'm sure it was even more amazing for the people who had wine with theirs.

My supervisor gave me a gift on behalf of everyone: a little all-in-one suit for Harper that says "Get up, Stand Up" in rasta colours and a T-shirt for Harper that says "I'll stop screaming when you sort out the planet", both in fairtrade organic cotton (bought from the shop on Nicholson St that someone mentioned on my last post about this). Utterly awesome!

Four and a half hours later, I waddled back to work. To a message from the tech guy saying he'd added all those users and could I just give him a call after I check it's working. I did. It was. At 4.59pm, on my last day, I sent out the message to the five department managers telling them that, miraculously, the project was live and functioning. By the skin of my teeth. I honestly thought I was going to have to hand that over to someone.

Doug called to tell me he had (painstakingly, via public transport, poor love) trekked out to Port Melbourne for me and retrieved the belly cast kit from the courier depot where it had ended up (they *claim* they tried to deliver it yesterday... but we think they are lying through their teeth). But yay! That means the plans for Sunday's belly cast party are all go.

Then I toddled off to the farewell bash for Jenny Lee, my old boss at the School of Culture and Communication who is accepting one of those voluntary redundancies the Arts faculty is handing out. The room was filled with old students of mine (*wave*) and with good friends: [ profile] paracelsus , and [ profile] p_cat , and [ profile] matcha_pocky . I chatted for as long as I could but I knew I couldn't stay long because [ profile] horngirl  was coming over to discuss housesitting.

[ profile] journey2master  went to bed, exhausted, I ended the evening relaxing in a bath and chatting with [ profile] crystal_storm  about life, the universe and everything.

An intense, full day. But a really wonderful one.

I finished my project! And I'm now a woman of leisure! Well, until the baby is born... that's when the real work starts!

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I promised [ profile] blithespirit  I would post this poem I wrote in 2003 in response to a question from [ profile] frou_frou ...

Why not?

It's like this body
is a new program,
and the way I see it,
first thing you do,
check out all the menus,
flip through the manual
(read it later, just-in-time,
when something doesn't
quite work out the way
it ought to) anyway
it's as though pregnancy
was a greyed-out option
for those first 14 years
and ever since it's flashed on
as available, I've been itching
to test it out, see what
that new feature does,
how it'll tweak the experience,
what's actually in the dialogue
boxes: are there defaults? is my
version exactly the same as the
pictures in the book? anyway,
no matter how many times
you read about how it's supposed
to go, actually doing it, well,
whole new world, right?
just ignore the warning that says:
you know, don't you, that
selecting this option, there is
absolutely No Undo, this
operation cannot be reversed,
do you really, really want to
go ahead? Yes? No? Cancel?


Dec. 8th, 2008 09:45 pm
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Omigod, look at what Doug just made for Harper!

beanie by doug

Sooo cute!!!

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Took a while but here you go:


The crib was gifted to us by the wonderful Vicki and Andrew and is currently just filled with cushions. We need to buy a new mattress (it's one of the things the SIDS people say you're not allowed to have second-hand) and I found an all-natural, organic cotton one on Nature's Child but it's way too expensive... Vicki and Andrew also just gave us a whole pile of manchester for it too, which is awesome.

The floorboards are the same in our bedroom and the lounge room, but they're not neat enough to photograph at the moment. They match the blinds beautifully, as you can see in this photo, which also shows the fair trade mobile that [ profile] turtlesnake  gave us. The mobile will eventually go over the crib, we just need to screw a hook into the ceiling...

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While I'm sniffling in bed, I may as well make myself useful... I was going to tidy the house and clean the bathroom but I'm not really up to it.

Right now, my sense is that I want music for labour that makes me want to move my hips. I want to get down and *groove*, baby. My current selection is about 3.5 hours long which is just not long enough... Currently, the favourite is "Papa was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations. That low bass, the syncopated beat... the words aren't all that appropriate, but whatever. I've also got Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" and a bit of Gil Scott Heron. Bob Marley. Anyone got a George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic favourite? It's not all ancient soul & funk: I've also got Cat Empire's "The Crowd" and Ozomatli's "Magnolia Soul". Oh and dreamy trance stuff like "Rapture (Soulside Mix)" by Lio.

What do you like that would fit with this feel? I'm looking for specific song suggestions...
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This post is a test-run for an e-mail, so comments (and ideas) welcome... Apologies if anyone finds this arrogant, obnoxious, condescending or any other negative emotion. I am *not* asking for gifts. If this is all too much, please feel free to ignore completely!

As I mentioned recently, lovely people have started to buy us baby gifts already. This is really touching and delightful. (I have to post photos soon: my mother has knitted an adorable purple outfit in bamboo yarn; my cousin bought a delightful book called the Wombat's Diary which I saw at Healesville one day with [ profile] goldfish42  and [ profile] shoes_the_dog  and adored).

We've also had some people ask about what they should get, because we have a lot of restrictions to deal with.

To make it really easy, here's a list of what to avoid, in order of importance:
  • No products made from or including wool, fur or feathers -- Doug is allergic, sorry.
  • No polyester or PVC or plastics containing phthalates -- Rosanne is a big hippie and worried about off-gassing and toxics.
  • Try to avoid expensive, brand-new "designer" stuff -- both of us are concerned about the environment and over-consumption, and baby goods are often disposed of even more rapidly than other types of items.
  • Try to avoid el cheapo brand-new stuff -- both of us are concerned about sweat-shop labour and our impact on others in this world.
What does that leave? That's what most people are asking us. So here's the next list, the list of ideal items, in order of priority:
  • Natural fibres (bamboo, silk for clothes, wood for toys)
  • Second-hand
  • and/or fair-trade, organic, recyclable
  • New, but made by some small, local, crafty person
  • Not too gender-specific
We've found a few places and have a few ideas about the sorts of things we're looking for, if that helps. Here's that list:
  • Bamboo stuff: Sahara Bloom (I really liked the contrast tab onesie in Sage); bamboo nappies, bamboo blankets and burp cloths; have also seen bamboo stuff in regular baby shops.
  • List of organic/ethical baby stuff in Australia
  • Wooden toys and cloth (cotton) toys (check the stuffing isn't polyester), second-hand ideally, but otherwise: Fairground Child in North Carlton, Twinkle Tots in Northcote, Child Play in Clifton Hill... tons of other places.
  • Second-hand baby books
  • Hmmm... I wanted to promote a friend's site, babychangeling, but it appears she's on hiatus. In particular, I want the black onesie that says "sleep is for the weak". Also, David and Liz, did you ever buy that "little anarchist" onesie I said I'd pay you back for? I don't think I ever saw it... (ETA: Kim sent me the "sleep is for the weak" onesie!)
  • Beads to distract baby from grabbing our hair or glasses (almost all the ones I found online are plastic... but you could make some out of brightly coloured glass beads and strong silk bead string -- I saw some at the Glebe Fair last weekend, but they're not on the web site). (ETA: Have bought beads and silk string and plan to make this myself)
  • Eco-sling for carrying baby -- although a friend said she'd give us a pattern to make one ourselves... (ETA: Have now been given two slings! Awesome.)
  • Really don't want to contribute to over-consumption? Buy us a gift certificate from a Nappie Wash Service. Although the prices start at 6 weeks' worth, the gift certificates allow you to specify whatever amount you're comfortable with. (ETA: This Nappy Wash Service has closed down as have most others in Melbourne it seems. Are now doing our own nappies; buy us bamboo/organic cotton nappies instead from Sustainable Hemp Products or your own source.)
  • Ethical guide to baby accessory companies
  • I'll add to this as I find more or think of more.
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Me, 6 months pregnant

Ain't Doug an awesome photographer!?

Me, 6 months pregnant

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Doug and I were discussing the question of having a doula the other morning. For those of you who haven't encountered the term yet, a doula is a birth attendant who is not a midwife but is there as physical, emotional and spiritual support during the birth. The word comes from the Greek and apparently used to mean "woman of service".

In which I ramble about gender, birth and feminism )

Obviously, a lot of this is me just thinking out loud. I have no conclusions as yet. What are your thoughts?

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I've had a couple of people ask whether it's too late to get onto the baby filter... no, it's not, but I won't just be adding anyone (please don't be offended). Feel free to ask, of course! If I know you in real life or if we correspond on LJ a lot, chances are you're in. I just don't want gawpers or to have arguments about decisions I make. Hope that's understandable...

Just so you know what you're in for: The filter generally gets a weekly Harper development update, all my griping about exhaustion and sore bits, pix and info on scans and tests and the developing birth plan.

So, if you want all the Harper news that's fit for pixels, respond here!
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Those of you on the 'maybe baby' filter already know this, but Doug and I are pleased to announce that we're expecting a little person, due to be born at the end of January 2009. The 'working title' for this project is "Harper Cloud" -- the name goes for any gender and we're not going to find out before the birth.

We had the 12-week ultrasound today (the pic in the user icon is from the 8-week ultrasound) and I'll be posting video to the 'maybe baby' filter later today. The 3D ultrasounds are kinda freaky! It's amazing how human a 6.6cm-long foetus can look! The best bit was while waiting for Harper to roll over so the technician could check the neck (for the Down Syndrome screening), we saw little hands waving around and feet kicking and squee!


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