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I promised [ profile] blithespirit  I would post this poem I wrote in 2003 in response to a question from [ profile] frou_frou ...

Why not?

It's like this body
is a new program,
and the way I see it,
first thing you do,
check out all the menus,
flip through the manual
(read it later, just-in-time,
when something doesn't
quite work out the way
it ought to) anyway
it's as though pregnancy
was a greyed-out option
for those first 14 years
and ever since it's flashed on
as available, I've been itching
to test it out, see what
that new feature does,
how it'll tweak the experience,
what's actually in the dialogue
boxes: are there defaults? is my
version exactly the same as the
pictures in the book? anyway,
no matter how many times
you read about how it's supposed
to go, actually doing it, well,
whole new world, right?
just ignore the warning that says:
you know, don't you, that
selecting this option, there is
absolutely No Undo, this
operation cannot be reversed,
do you really, really want to
go ahead? Yes? No? Cancel?

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Back from a weekend of fabulous conversations with [profile] morgan303 and [profile] patchworkkid and a fun night's dancing with [personal profile] anthonybaxter. Listened to an interesting talk by [profile] hyperpeople, although it was a bit of the usual for me and I'm looking for more these days. Mind you, it was that talk that kick-started the awesome conversation with Sarah and Cam about political change and temporary autonomous zones, so go Mark.

The music was okay but not consistent. The chill space music was great but it was so loud it was impossible to chill there. Robert Henke (aka Monolake) was why we were there: he's now involved with my old friend Justine who I've known since high school. His experimental set before the opening ceremony was utterly awesome (and apparently he's doing the same set at the Melbourne Planetarium next Saturday and at the NSW Art Gallery sometime soon, so if they're not sold out, go check it out). His 2am set had technical difficulties that looked very frustrating and it started late because of them but what I eventually heard was good. Apparently the last 20 minutes were great but by then I'd gone to bed. I caught up with Justine's ex, Ben and his new partner, Patch, who, coincidentally, I'd initially met through Justine's ex-housemate Shabnum (man, what a twisted full circle). That was also lovely. I hung out in the chai tent with various people, including [profile] bottleofred and [profile] running_snail and Hannie at various times.

The opening ceremony was good and has inspired my first poem in forever, so that's an extra bonus. Now home and feeling very comfy and settled after a bath and a massage. I really love [personal profile] journey2master.


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