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Ganked from [ profile] derigueur : Soy tu aire. Spanish interactive art, requires Flash 10. Utterly beautiful.

It's funny, I remember sitting at a press conference many years ago and having some Adobe guru demonstrate for us the various things they were working on for Flash, which at the time was nothing more than a plug-in that played animation. It seemed so far beyond what the Internet as we knew it could do and it seemed like yet more vapourware, something we saw every other day at the height of the dotcom boom. I'm so glad this one has become a reality. We need more ways to make art and beauty in the world.

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[ profile] qamar  linked to this TED video. Pranav Mistry is a student at MIT who has invented a device that projects data onto any surface, resulting in a very Minority Report-like interaction. Look at a boarding pass and it will connect to the Internet-enabled mobile phone in your pocket, retrieve flight information and project it back onto the ticket for you to read. Draw a circle on your wrist and it will project a watch. Look at a book and it can retrieve Amazon reviews and ratings. Look at today's newspaper and it can update the story and add video from the paper's site. I'm not quite sure how they're doing the tag cloud trick when he looks at a person... it's not face recognition... anyway, the whole thing is intensely cool. Of course it is, it's being demoed at TED.


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