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After severe birth pangs, 11°south has arrived. You can visit our new travel mag online at or pick it up in print from airports and backpackers as soon as we get distribution sorted out. Magnation in Elizabeth St, Melbourne will carry it too.[1]

To help us impress the advertisers, feel free to click on the web banner ads as many times as you like. And three cheers to [ profile] silverblue for getting it looking so amazing. There are a few things still not quite working as we'd like (the maps couldn't be updated till it was live, so that's being done today) but otherwise it's awesome.

Oh and anyone who wants a cheap car rental deal and wants to help us over the next few weeks: rent from Hertz and quote PC 996380. You'll get 3 days for the price of 2, they'll know you saw it in 11°south and they'll advertise with us again.

Ack, I feel like I'm seling out. Maybe that's because I am. But it's a really nice travel magazine and we made it ourselves! Theres no advertorial at all and everything's ethical and above board.

[1] We have around 20,000 copies sitting downstairs but because of audit requirements I can't just hand them out to people (although you can take a bundle of 35 and sign for them if you really want).
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When I haven't been catching up on work recently, I've been watching film festival films. The weekend has been particularly rewarding: I highly recommend Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth about climate change and global warming which I saw yesterday, and the three films I saw today: C.R.A.Z.Y., a Quebecois production about a family of five boys, with the fourth one, Zac (the Z in the title) dealing with his sexuality and a homophobic father as he grows up through the 60s and 70s -- the soundtrack is superb; Zizek!, a mad, rambling documentary of everyone's favourite Marxist Lacanian as he travels the world on a lecture tour; and the utterly brilliant Global Haywire, Bruce Petty's animated/live action doco about where the world machine managed to go from what seemed like a relatively good idea (borrow some science from the East, start the Enlightenment and throw off the shackles of Catholic fundamentalism) to the utterly catastrophic shemozzle we have today. The detours through excellent theorists and writers (George Monbiot, Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Gore Vidal, Arandhati Roy) are compelling and well put together, the metaphor (the freedom machine) is great. A must-see film.

In between I've been stealing every second to work, so I apologise to those whose social functions I didn't make it to. I *did* make it to [ profile] qamar's hen's night, which was amazing -- divine dinner at Soul Mama and then ritual on the beach followed by karaoke -- and to Matt's party last night.

Matt's party was fun, and it turns out, bizarrely, that a guy there from The Age who was pointed out to me but who I didn't end up chatting to is the guy our new ad manager mentioned to me as a good friend. Small world!
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Go crazy? Don't mind if I do!

This week's achievements: have half-finished business plan for NEIS; have done full Cost of Goods Sold for three titles; have calculated revenue streams from advertising, cover sales, editorial services for custom mags and design services for custom mags; have tied these into a cashflow spreadsheet and filled in overhead costs; freaked out at what happens in March 2007 to our running balance if we try to do what we'd planned; moved the launch of Title 3 to April 2007 and started breathing again as the running balance returns to above zero; started our marketing action plan; approved business card designs; placed an ad on Seek for an ad sales person; interviewed for a web design person and learned scary things about pay as you go tax withholding, superannuation and workcover for staff.

So, today. Bike wouldn't start due to cold. Finally made it to chiropractor having missed two weeks' worth of appointments and one physio appointment, so in some measure of pain.

Got to work v. late. Set up DSL modem perfectly using 'server' computer. Discovered none of the other computers on the network would talk to it. Futzed. For far too long. Finally found the single setting on the modem set-up page that was only documented in the online documentation that made it behave. Everything worked fine.

Filled in more costs in cashflow. Coached colleague in chatting to prospective ad sales folk.

Interviewed one very promising ad sales guy. Had the grand joy of offering the web design job to [ profile] silverblue. Ate pizza at work and watched Lost. Did my second assignment for NEIS. Sent it. Finally went home at 10.30pm by public transport in the freezing.

Now tired but very satisfied. And you should *see* our new company logo and business cards. They are teh awesome.


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