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... but by the moments that take your breath away. I can't find a source for this quote but it is one of the most inspirational texts for me.

Another is one that I found on a piece of beautiful swirly red scrapbook paper in the US, a quote from Goethe: We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

The last few weeks have whirled by, what with new job and travel to Sydney and visits from friends, but most constant through it is the gooey usness of sitting together with Jezebel (she made it out of mandatory detention safely, unlike that poor man this week), or kissing in the checkout line, or snuggling in the morning.

I realise I haven't written up the wedding itself yet (I've been waiting for the 'official photos' to come through but they haven't; also I have had no time).

It was a wonderful day. If I am shaped and fashioned by what I love, then I look forward to discovering what I become, my love.
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Finally emerged from our marital bed this afternoon and made duck-egg omelette with smoked trout and avocado and parmesan. Mmmm.

The wedding was wonderful, rain included, although I'm disappointed with the way the technology failed to function. Especial apologies to poor [profile] daisynerd who presumably dragged herself out of bed at 4am to find no one on the other end. I tried to connect about four times but we never had a high enough signal strength to make it work. What's worse, it looks like the video didn't work either. If any one else got video, could they please digitise it and send me a DVD? I will then upload it and tell everyone where to get hold of it.

I will gush at a later point about how wonderful it all was when I'm less brain-mushed and go back to snuggling my man.
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I have just placed an order for an Unwired Ethernet modem and if nothing else, we should have Skype-casting of the ceremony and an ability for people to do a certain amount of video chat... Unfortunately, Skype can only do one person video at a time, so we might have to do bookings... And [profile] daisynerd definitely has precedence, followed by Matt...

I've tracked down a person with a video camera but I need to find a Darwin streaming server that will host live webcasting. Dreamhost only does streaming after the fact. Of course, that would make it more convenient for most of my overseas friends, because you'll be able to watch it at your leisure. Any technical folk able to help me out on this one?

For the record, the ceremony will be occurring Dec 22, at 4am Enschede time; Dec 21, at 7pm, Pacific (California) time; and Dec 21, at 10pm, New York time. Solstice moment itself is at 4.08pm Australian Eastern Summer Time so we'll still be partying over the moment itself and I for one will be lifting a glass to the sun at that time.
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sweetYep, it's the post you've been waiting for.

I've written up the ceremony and stuck a whole lot of photos of the reception and stuff over at Mordwen's Lounge. I really need to update the style that's using because I'm not at all impressed with how it has laid this out. In the preview, all the images were next to each other prettily, two by two. Ah well. Just read the captions as if they were, okay? There are more photos hiding in the folders those photos came from and it's not locked so go hunting if you want more.

The Australian ceremony will be similar to this with some bits exactly the same but we'll be adding and subtracting too.

Oh, and you can comment here or there, either is fine. *grin*
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For all the folks asking if things have changed since the ceremony:

Doug and I went kite flying this evening in Mountain View as the sun set and then went to Zucca for scotch (15-year-old Dalwhinnie, neat, him) and a cocktail they call Oh, Beautiful (Remy cognac, Grand Marnier and Earl Grey tea, hot, me), tapas (spicy garlic prawns, piquillo peppers with goat's cheese, mushroom croquettes) and then panna cotta with berries (divine, me) and Manchego, pear and walnuts (him) with a scrumptious dessert wine I can't recall the name of, and we discussed anarcho-syndicalism and interest and tulip futures in 17th century Holland and Lazarus Long, and then we went for a walk and went book shopping, in which I bought Burning Book (by Jess Bruder, previously discussed) and Healing a Fractured World (by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks).

Life's simply awful, I tell you.
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Doug and I had our US ceremony last night (it's not the legal one; that will be Australia for various weird visa reasons I'm not going to go into). It was really lovely and we were thrilled to see so many of our friends here on such short notice. People left quite a bit earlier than we expected but we understand some of them had to get up early and work (we especially appreciated that when we went to grab a cubano this morning at the little coffeehouse that could and two of our guests were there working hard and had been for hours!). We were very sad that Doug's daughters were both unable to make it, but pleased that his sister, her daughter and her husband were there.

It rained yesterday for the first time in about five months, which was lovely. [profile] goldfish42 was down from Olympia for the ceremony and she stayed here Friday night and helped clean the house and prepare food (utter angel!). We had a very silly time trying to make a pavlova. I told everyone it was a Clayton's Pavlova, but of course, that joke doesn't really work here either. We made lots of salads and Doug piled melon balls and raspberries into the watermelon shell and we put all the mead on ice.

I went and got my hair done (I wasn't going to, but it needed a cut desperately, so why not get it styled while I was at it?). I won't go through the silliness of the next bit except to say when getting wedding hair done, always wear something that unbuttons so you can get it off without disturbing the do.

Back home, more interstate guests already there (hi, [profile] puzzlefox!) and into the merlot silk chiffon dress. Merlot nails to match: check. Amber engagement necklace: check. Burgundy Fluevog shoes to match: check. Garnet earrings and red paua shell bracelet from Matt to match: completely forgot until 11pm. Ah well. Doug changed into his red silk Chinese jacket and burgundy sarong.

Laid out nibblies. More guests. Looks like the rain has gone so we will walk down to the park for the ceremony. Just as the sun is setting, gorgeous skies, the air smells fresh and rejuvenated. Mum had said to me that it was Yom Kippur, but of course, with the sun set, it wasn't any more and in fact, exactly the right time to be having a big feast.

The ceremony was lovely. I think I might post it here later when I have photos... And the food for the reception was incredible!
 Thank you so much, Lars, for the unbelievably amazing mojito pork. Yum! (Yes, I have *completely* fallen off the vegetarian wagon over here.) There was so much mead. And the cake! Oh. My. God. Gluten-free chocolate bourbon cake with raspberry butter cream and fondant. It tasted like cake! And I told Doug that he had to be careful not to hit the bottom when he cut the cake or he'd have to kiss the nearest boy (it's an old thing from when I was a teenager at birthday parties...) so, he hit bottom, turned to [profile] puzzlefox's partner Bruce and they had a good old snog. Lars checked his watch and said, "One hour, 52 minutes!" and everybody laughed.

Sabine and Doug's sister Linda and Kate from Barefoot *cleaned the kitchen* while I wasn't looking which was amazing. Sabine says I have to pay it forward.

Everyone was gone by half past midnight so we went to bed and had a delightful time.

This morning we had the interstaters over for cheese platter which never got put out (mmm, taleggio and pear; mmm, edam and quince paste) and mimosas and smoked salmon omelettes which Doug whipped up. And then, Doug and I took a lovely lazy drive over Mount Hamilton to Stone City to help a little with the Mabon festivities and lay a couple of stones in their new labyrinth, since the second day after we met, we walked the labyrinth near our place in Melbourne.

Sorry for the brevity of this, but my delightful love awaits me in the bedroom and the weekend has been somewhat exhausting.


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