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... to borrow a phrase from [ profile] crystal_storm.

Today was my last day of work. As of now, I'm not gainfully employed... And I have no idea when I might want to work again. It's all a little odd.

It started out with breakfast with two work friends who I regularly see on the bus (I had mushroom and gruyère omelette, mmm).

Then I did a small amount of work, checked a fix from last night that had worked except for one teensy issue, put in a tech service call, did a bit more work (and managed to finish the last of the update requests!), got a call from a tech about midday trying to figure out what I needed and then, in 15 minutes flat, he managed to fix the issue. I asked if it was okay to send him some extra user IDs to add to the htpassword file because some people had been having problems with access; he said, sure.

I went to lunch. The work end-of-year lunch. At Masani, on Drummond St. Let's just say it was five courses (appetiser, antipasto, primi, secundi, dolce) and divine. I'm not sure whether the asparagus with truffles was the highlight, or the roasted duckling in cherry sauce or the turkish delight sorbet with summer berries. The antipasto was pretty amazing too: roasted baby pigeon and crab and palm hearts. I'm sure it was even more amazing for the people who had wine with theirs.

My supervisor gave me a gift on behalf of everyone: a little all-in-one suit for Harper that says "Get up, Stand Up" in rasta colours and a T-shirt for Harper that says "I'll stop screaming when you sort out the planet", both in fairtrade organic cotton (bought from the shop on Nicholson St that someone mentioned on my last post about this). Utterly awesome!

Four and a half hours later, I waddled back to work. To a message from the tech guy saying he'd added all those users and could I just give him a call after I check it's working. I did. It was. At 4.59pm, on my last day, I sent out the message to the five department managers telling them that, miraculously, the project was live and functioning. By the skin of my teeth. I honestly thought I was going to have to hand that over to someone.

Doug called to tell me he had (painstakingly, via public transport, poor love) trekked out to Port Melbourne for me and retrieved the belly cast kit from the courier depot where it had ended up (they *claim* they tried to deliver it yesterday... but we think they are lying through their teeth). But yay! That means the plans for Sunday's belly cast party are all go.

Then I toddled off to the farewell bash for Jenny Lee, my old boss at the School of Culture and Communication who is accepting one of those voluntary redundancies the Arts faculty is handing out. The room was filled with old students of mine (*wave*) and with good friends: [ profile] paracelsus , and [ profile] p_cat , and [ profile] matcha_pocky . I chatted for as long as I could but I knew I couldn't stay long because [ profile] horngirl  was coming over to discuss housesitting.

[ profile] journey2master  went to bed, exhausted, I ended the evening relaxing in a bath and chatting with [ profile] crystal_storm  about life, the universe and everything.

An intense, full day. But a really wonderful one.

I finished my project! And I'm now a woman of leisure! Well, until the baby is born... that's when the real work starts!

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In the end, I left so quickly most of you don't know the circumstances.

I'm on a six-month tourist visa, a B2, which means I can't do work for American companies as an employee but I can *look* for work here and I can *do* work for Australian companies as a freelance and my Australian company can do work for just about anyone as a contractor.

Even though I resigned from Vanguard, I'm still a sole trader as Heliotrope (and man, does that site need a revamp). I'm doing some freelance work for [ profile] e_dan's company, The Growth Group and a little as a volunteer media consultant for his other company Rraft Educators.

I plan to contact a bunch of travel magazines about writing but I'm also very keen to get two of my own projects off the ground: the first is BrandJammer which I've discussed a couple of times over drinks with folks and the second is Jaime's Celebrate Humanity Day (and man, does *her* site need a spam filter!). I'm going to need volunteers to help out with those until we have enough donations/sponsors to start paying ourselves a tiny bit in administration.

Also, if you know of anyone who needs a freelance editor for a job that can be simply and quickly done via e-mail, I can do all this from here. I still have all my professional tools: Word, InDesign 2, QuarkXPress 6.5. I can send PDF proofs or deal with whatever formats you require.
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After severe birth pangs, 11°south has arrived. You can visit our new travel mag online at or pick it up in print from airports and backpackers as soon as we get distribution sorted out. Magnation in Elizabeth St, Melbourne will carry it too.[1]

To help us impress the advertisers, feel free to click on the web banner ads as many times as you like. And three cheers to [ profile] silverblue for getting it looking so amazing. There are a few things still not quite working as we'd like (the maps couldn't be updated till it was live, so that's being done today) but otherwise it's awesome.

Oh and anyone who wants a cheap car rental deal and wants to help us over the next few weeks: rent from Hertz and quote PC 996380. You'll get 3 days for the price of 2, they'll know you saw it in 11°south and they'll advertise with us again.

Ack, I feel like I'm seling out. Maybe that's because I am. But it's a really nice travel magazine and we made it ourselves! Theres no advertorial at all and everything's ethical and above board.

[1] We have around 20,000 copies sitting downstairs but because of audit requirements I can't just hand them out to people (although you can take a bundle of 35 and sign for them if you really want).
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Are you a uni student with some spare time on your hands? Have a little brother or sister who is? Reliable? Stylish and know all the right places? Have your own car? Vanguard Media is looking for someone to do delivery for our mini-mag once a month. We figure it would take a couple of days to distribute the 20,000 copies to all the funky cafés and backpackers in inner urban Melbourne and we'd be prepared to pay, of course. The person would first be needed around December 4,5 and 6.

If this sounds perfect for you, we'd love to meet you and chat about possibilities. E-mail right now. You know you want to.


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